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Club Hats & Wet boards
Club hats and wet boards can be purchased from Clare, a parent volunteer at Prince Regent on a Friday or Sunday evening. If you are in need of a club hat, wet board or water bottle or have any questions regarding club kit please contact Clare at poolswimming@brightonsc.co.uk

Club Equipment
All club kit is now ordered through our online club shop at Swimstop. Use code BRIGHTON10 at checkout to receive your 10% discount on each purchase!
The club will also receive 5% commission back on every purchase made so please use the code and help raise money for the club.

Ordering Brighton Kit
Our brand new club kit is now available to order for all club members online from pbTeamwear. You can order and pay for online and it will be delivered to your home. Estimated delivery is about 3 weeks.

Brighton Team Kit
It is expected that all swimmers aged 9+ who compete at external meets purchase club team kit. The requirement is for a club hat and T-shirt to be worn during all meets. Club shorts, hoodies and track bottoms or leggings are preferred but not essential. This ensures that the whole team look smart. Club kit must always be worn when traveling to and from competitions with the club as a team.

Necessary Training equipment for all swimmers

Groups 3-6:
Each training session:
Hat & goggles
Wet board & pencil
Mesh kit bag
Water bottle & drink
Short fins
Spare pair of goggles

Yellow, Green & Blue groups:
Each training session:
Hat & goggles
Mesh kit bag
Water bottle & drink
Wet board & Pencil
Short fins
Waterproof stopwatch
Hand paddles

Required kit for competing / race days from aged 9+:
Club racing hat (plus spare one)
Racing goggles (plus spare pair)
Club T-shirt
Tight fitting racing suit/jammers
Water bottle & drink
Small poolside bag
Lightweight small towel

Optional additional equipment for further development from Green group +
Heart rate monitor
Skipping rope
Roller for stretching
Exercise mat for land training