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PB Sheets, Awards and Records

Listed here are all recorded PBs and Awards for the club's swimmers. These are updated regularly from Galas, Time Trials and Training. Please note that the date of publication is shown on each sheet.
Swimmers are not added to the PB sheets until they swum under 60 Seconds for 50m Front Crawl.   Any swimmer without a time recorded in the previous 12 months is removed from the list.
ASA registration Categories 1 & 2
Cat 1:- These swimmers are not yet competing outside of club level either because they are under 9 years of age or because they do not wish to.
Cat 2:- These are actively Competitive swimmers in the Junior squad, Pre Squad & Top Squad levels.
ASA Speed awards are available to purchase at the club shop. These are shown on the "Times & Awards" files.
If you have a PB which has not been recorded please tell Brian or email briansmithbsc@gmail.com. If it was a training time, please state the exact time, the date swum & who recorded the time.
To Convert L/C to S/C equivalents or Vice-Versa use this Time Converter. It is the British swimming official conversion programme and can be downloaded on to your computer.
Some Phones, Ipads etc will not open that file but you can still run this Online Converter.

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