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Swimming in the Sea Since 1860. 

Origins of Sea Swimming.

Since its formation in 1860, Brighton Swimming Club has sought various ways to promote the health benefits to be derived from sea swimming.
This was in line with the Club's original objectives take a look at the Club history and Floating Memories for an amazing insight into a completely different world to that which exists today.
The little group of North Street tradesmen gathering on the Albion Beach in 1858, who were to found Brighton Swimming Club two years later, did so in order to challenge previous accepted ideas about bathing. It was this that brought them together in order to learn to swim and to encourage others. It is to be noted that between the annual swimming races they introduced "marine antics" – the exchanging of clothes between two fully dressed swimmers, the marine tea parties, and other acts illustrating how at home in the water they had become.

Winter bathers pose outside the club premises in 1891 at 8am on a bright March morning.
In the inter-war years there was a beach life saving patrol, and during the post war bank holidays "fun" events were held to entertain the public. There were surf life saving demonstrations held on the Albion beach in the early 1960s. The "seaside" began at Brighton and Brighton Swimming Club is proud of the role it played in it.