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Chanel Swim - 08/07/14

The President, Chairman, Secretary and members of the Management Committee of Brighton Swimming Club on behalf of the entire club, send their congratulations to:
Lois Harrison, Max Andrews, Peter Tuffin, Bill Warner, Dan McCarthy and Andy King
who so successfully swam the Channel Relay earlier this week.
It was a tremendous achievement and so rewarding after what has probably been some very hard training. It was particularly good to have a wide spread of ages representing the club on this relay.
Thanks and congratulations are also due to reserve swimmer Andy Rees, the support team and the families of all concerned.
Well done to you all.
Chanel Swimming Association Letter


Round the Pier Handicap - 21/09/13
(course altered to round the buoys this year)

1st Max Andrews
2nd Alex Downey
Joint 3rd Charlie Wood and Chad Anderson-Grout
4th Jasper Stevens
5th Charles Dannreuther

1st Charlotte Blake
2nd Lois Harrison
3rd Polly Mitchell

Doughnut Dash - 21/09/13

Charlotte Blake and Finn Anderson-Grout won the Doughnut Dash.

Chanel Swim - 28/08/13

Yves Watts started his solo channel swim on Wednesday 28th August at 0433hrs. Sea conditions are slightly choppy with a breeze but no problems. He is swimming strongly at present.
Text from Fiona at 1112hrs says 7 hours in and over half way. Huge swells, the boat's being tossed all over the show.
There have been communication problems but I have heard that Yves successfuly crossed and finished at 1649hrs, a time of 12hr 16mins. A fuller report will no doubt be made available in the near future. Congratulations Yves on yet another channel swim by a Brighton sc member.

Eastbourne 5km Open Water Sea Swim - 10/08/13

Max Andrews won the boy's Junior County Trophy and came third in the region.
Lois Harrison came third in the girl's County Title and also third in the region.

Chanel Swim Relay 06/08/13

The Channel relay swim team of Lois Harrison, Max Andrews, Peter Tuffin, Charlotte Savins, Hannah Denton, Catherine Channon & Andy King as reserve, have been given a short notice standby date to set off today at 0946hrs with Lois as the first swimmer. Peter Tuffin is due in next. Details are obviously quite sketchy and contact is intermittent but as we receive any information we will post it. We understand that the support boat is the Louise Jane and Fiona is on board with the team and sending us bits of information when she can.

1200hrs Fiona says: “Peter has swum his hour with no problems. Hannah is now in the water. The sea is flat and conditions good at the moment.”

Escort vessel (Louise Jane) tracking website

1237hrs E-mail from Peter says: “Just about to change swimmer to Max. Going well. England getting smaller. Just caught first decent mackerel. Looking forward to dinner in Calais.”

1252hrs Fiona says: “Great swim by Hannah made a good distance. Max Andrews now in the water and going strongly.”

Jelly fish have been in attendance but no issues as yet.

1457hrs Peter on swimmer no 6 Catherine: “Progress is a bit slower but still strong. Hope to pull some time back with the next round of swimmers.”

1609hrs Peter: “Sorry to report that the swim has been terminated. Not out totally as a slot later in the season has been offered.”

More details will appear on the new date as soon as we know.

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