Water Polo Match Results


South East League 2 - Away vs Basingstoke 27th April

Basingstoke 11 - Brighton 8

Reduced in numbers Brighton took a streamlined squad to what could potentially be our toughest game of the campaign. Having fallen foul of similar situations previously in the campaign Brighton resolved to control the ball and the game better. This the team managed to do, keeping a vibrant Basingstoke team under control for the first half, turning around 2-1 down.
Unfortunately lack of depth off the bench started to tell at the beginning of the third quarter. Brighton were unable to contain Basingstoke's counter-attacks and let in a number of quick goals slipping to 7-1 down. But, showing resolve and catalysed by a wonder goal from Peter Tuffin, who eschewed his usual lob for a thunderbolt to the top right corner, Brighton fought back bring the score back to 7-6 down early in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately cramp and tiredness then began to tell and Basingstoke were able to regain momentum and hold on to win 11-8.
Although this was a loss for Brighton, the resolve and ability to fight back was good to see, with everyone in the squad able to reflect on good performances. Special mention must be made of Michael Benny in Goal and Dan van der Houwen and Daniel Istvanoszki who both put in dominating defensive performances.
Goalscorers: D Istvanovszki 3, D van der Houwen 1, S Viney 1, P Tuffin 1, D Charbit 1, T Hamm 1

South East League 2 - Home vs Portsmouth 11th April

Brighton 16 - Portsmouth 6

Buoyed by recent performances Brighton began this fixture in confident mood. Basing the first half on a solid defence with good movement in attack Brighton controlled the score during the first quarter. A blitz of good counter attacking by Alex Walder at the end of the second quarter meant that Brighton took a good lead into the second half. Good play by the squad meant that goals were shared around the team and Brighton were able to keep their healthy lead throughout the second half, running out 16-6 winners. This result was down to the whole squad contributing, but Alex Walder's finishing, Andy Rees defensive work and an eye catching performance from the bench by Dan Low caught the eye.
Goalscorers: A Walder 4, T Hamm 3, D Istvanovszki 2, D van der Houwen 2, D Low 1, P Tuffin 1, A Rees 1, D Charbit 1, S Viney 1

Home vs Crawley 28th March

Brighton 9 - Crawley 7

Brighton had a good turnout for the first home game of the season. Following recent form Brighton started strongly, keeping it tight at the back and looking to attack swiftly. Good attacking play from Steve Viney combining with David Charbit meant Brighton had a reasonable lead at half time 5-3. Slightly wayward finishing from Brighton combined with Crawleys good ability to get in behind Brightons defence meant the score was closer than posession and chances created probably warranted. In the third quarter Brightons intensity slipped slightly and combined with the inability to adjust to minor refereeing judgements meant Crawley had fought back to 7-6 by the end of the quarter. In the final quarter strong, fast attacking and decisive finishing by Steve Viney meant Brighton pulled out a 9-7 win by the end. Credit must go to the players who came off the bench during the third and fourth quarters, this strength in depth meant Crawley were beginning to tire during the last quarter.
Goal Scorers: S. Viney 4, D Charbit 2, A Rees, D van der Houwen, T Hamm

Away vs Sevenoaks 19th March

Sevenoaks 2 - Brighton 7

In the second installment of the South East campaign Brighton travelled to Sevenoaks in good spirits and in good numbers. Having learnt from the previous fixture Brighton aimed to be better at keeping possession and not allowing easy counterattacks. Concentrating at the back Brighton kept a shut out while creating chances at the other end, couldnt quite finish anything off. Starting 0-0 in the second quarter Brighton kept a tight defense throughout the game but managed to improve their shooting from distance, with A Rees, D Istvanovski and D van der Houwen all being on target. Nice deft hand finishing from K Stoner in the pit during the last quarter saw Brighton earn a well deserved 7-2 victory.
Goalscorers: K Stoner 2, D Istvanovski 2, D van der Houwen 2, A Rees

Away vs Oxford 3rd March

Oxford 19 - Brighton 6

The opening of the South East league was a tough match away to Oxford, undaunted if reduced in numbers Brighton made the long trip on a Monday night. Playing against somewhat unknown opposition Brighton made a decent start, keeping the game close until the end of the 2nd quarter when a couple of quick break away goals enabled Oxford to open up a 6-2 lead at half time. Unfortunately the depth in sqaud numbers began to tell in the second half, as tiredness and foul trouble on one of our more experienced player meant Oxford turned possession over easily and often and took the game away from Brighton. Although Brighton managed to rally a bit in the final quarter the result was a resounding 19-6 defeat.
Goalscorers: D van der Houwen 2, A Rees 2, D Istvanovski, T Hamm

Away vs Hastings 6th Feb

Hastings 7 - Brighton 7

The season got underway with the trip to Hastings. Buoyed by an Olympian within their ranks Hastings got off to a good start scoring 2 quick goals. Brighton managed to begin to impose their structured attack and managed to go into half time with the scores 4-4, the highlight being a goal from Dave Charbit, lobbing the Goalkeeper from the right wing with his wrong hand.
Unfortunately tiredness, poor passing and an inability to convert 2 man up Time-outs meant Hastings scored 3 goals on the counter attack to take a 7-4 lead into the final quarter. During the last quarter Brighton piled on the pressure but some wayward finishing meant that no goals were added during the first part of the quarter, Brighton scored a somewhat lucky penalty as both teams had to deal with interesting referee calls. This lead to a tight, heated ending with Alex Walder rifling in a goal at the death to tie the game 7-7.
Brighton did well to come back to avoid defeat in the first game, but there is still plenty to work on. Andy Rees did splendid work in defence, with Tom Ryder and Chris Nash providing excellent support from the bench.
Goalscorers: T Hamm 3, D Charbit 2, S Viney, A Walder


Away vs Mid Sussex Marlins 10th Nov

Mid Sussex Marlins 11 - Brighton 11

This was a match we should have won but which was filled with mistake after mistake. I take responsibility in that from the start, I gave the side the impression that we were getting into the water against a much weaker team. This is never a good idea in any sporting contest and MSM came out with more desire than we did. Our reactions to events on the water were slow. Our finishing was poor. We struggled to shift from one end of the pool to the other in double deep water. This is all very critical but it is true and the events of this much were in such sharp contrast to the way played against Worthing the week before that they stand out.

Home vs Worthing 1st Nov

Brighton 5 - Worthing 10

A physical, bruising, competitive contest. This was in effect the final for the Sussex league and we come away hugely disappointed that we lost. We played well and worked hard. We gave our all. We were strong. We gave no quarter and none was asked. This makes it all sound very dramatic- and it was! I think this is a good thing because gone are the days when we concede to worthing without putting a fight. Unfortunately in what was a dramatic battle we made the error of being a little over zealous and one of our players was excluded for brutality which meant we were a man down for 4 minutes. It must be noted the decision was an error by the referee as he mistook a loose and reckless freestyle arm stroke for an intentional and violent punch. When this event took place the score stood at 4-4. While we did not completely give the game away in the four minutes that followed we did struggle to reign in the lead they managed to build up during that time. And even though they had the man up for those 4 minutes, this still felt like a game that we could have won. Their national squad goalkeeper still causes us no end of problems but in this match we beat him on many many occasions. Unfortunately, his strength in goal means the margins are so small that we wound up hitting the woodwork more often than not. A few centimetres this way or that and things may well have turned out very differently....

Away vs Hastings 17th Oct

Hastings 11 - Brighton 12

While first look at this score may make it seem as thought this was a close match, it wasn't really. As this was a knockout cup match. Hastings came into it with an 8 goal lead. We should really have put them out of the game early in the third quarter but our finishing let us down and we had to work hard right up until the very last minute in order to secure the win. The team performed well on the whole and the true score line of 12-3 is testament to this. Aside from finishing and a number of times when a clear assist pass was fluffed or not made at all, we showed that we are well worth the place that we earns in the final of the knockout cup.

Hastings Tournament 12th Oct

The Brighton Team went to Hastings without a recognised goalie and fielding 50% junior and inexperienced players. Despite this the newer players gained invaluable experience and performed well as a team. The attacks were structured and the team quickly took up positions for man up and an arc attack.
Defensively the team covered well and marked the sitter which helped to keep the scores low. The team suffered from a shortage of strong shooters which meant although the score line was kept low with good defensive work it was difficult to score. The opposition goalies were all of a good standard.
Despite this Brighton won one match and lost three but in no match did they look outclassed. All in all a good experience for those going.
For many years we have said that the Hastings tournament should act as an opportunity for new and young players to get good water time and gain experience. It is good to have a crop of players that are willing to take advantage of the opportunity.

Away Vs Worthing 25th Sept

Worthing 16 - Brighton 6

The score suggests a game we were never really involved in. But while that became progressively more the course through quarters 2,3 and 4- it was a different story in the first quarter. In the first quarter we actually dominated the style of the match, we challenged strongly for the ball, held our shape and kept the ball well. We covered their counter attacks and actually had more good shots on goal. Their goalie, who now trains regularly with the national squad, made fingertip tip saves on several occasions allowing them to just edge the score line at 4-3 to them.
And then fitness let us down. It is as simple as that. In their old pool they stretched it so they could make it as long as possible. In their new pool they can't change the length, but they don't need to as the double deep nature of it gives them the advantage they need. If we are ever to wrestle the league away from Worthing we are going to have to turn up to the away game after a solid run of at least two months of very dedicated training.
Having said that, I am massively looking forward to the home game in our smaller, shallower pool!

Home Vs Hastings 24th May

Brighton 12 - Hastings 9

This was a somewhat scrappy game that had little in the way of entertainment value but provided much in the way of match practice.  We operated a "partnership" approach to the game whereby we paired up the Brighton team and the two players split the water time 50-50 between themselves. This is a very effective way of ensuring that everyone gets water time and match practice, particularly this year as we have no B team.  Hastings are not a strong team and they rely heavily on two players to score their goals.  We afforded these two players too much time on the ball on many occasions and this meant they were able to punish us with 9 goals that we could, and should, have avoided.  We attacked with good shape and good ball movement many times but lacked a scoring threat and all too often made no attacking drive on the goal. We also shunned many opportunities to pass the ball to the pit. Although we won the game we clearly have much to work on if we are to be competitive against stronger opposition.
Man of the match goes to Ed Walker for scoring his first goal in the A team!
Elan Stark 7, Ed Walker 2, Peter Benedek 1, Dan Van Den Houwen 1, Steve Viney 1

Away Vs Crawley 24th April

Crawley 12 - Brighton 16

This is never an easy fixture and going to the very big, double deep K2 pool with only 9 players is a risky move.  Having said that there was no point in the game where we felt like we may lose.  Saying that it is notable that we were 1-3 down in the first two minutes before we decided to really start playing and hammer 5 quick goals.  After doing that we had laid down our marker and left crawley to chase the game.  Our defence was particularly solid at points during the match and everyone worked very hard to try and nullify there dangerous pit players.  We did not always get it right and so Crawley managed to keep themselves within a reach of taking control away from us.  We did draw the second and lose the fourth quarters but when we played well in the first and third we really did outclass the opposition and gained enough advantage to see us through the scrappier moments in our play.
This was the last game that Pavel Madek played for us. He was a fantastic team player and also brilliant for our team spirit, he too will be sorely missed.

Goals:  E. Stark 4  S. Viney 3  P. Madek 2  T. Hamm 2  D. Van Der Houwe 2  K. Stoner 2  D. Charbit 1

Away Vs Hastings 18th April

Hastings 1 - Brighton 10

The first game of the season swum off with the long drive out to Hastings. This is a fixture we always feel we should win but one that has stung with a nasty surprise on the odd occasion. In the end we played okay and saw out a good win. The shallow pool never makes for the best quality of water polo on our part but we did everything as required and though we had some off season cobwebs to work through there were moments where things came together very nicely. It was also great to have Shaun Stanley back for one last game and it was fitting that he left us with a win. Shaun was part of the core of the Brighton team for a number of years and his abilities in the water and attitude out of it will be sorely missed.

Scorers: tbc