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Our club shop is gradually moving online – and we’re extending our range to include open water equipment such as changing robes and tow floats as well as well as Club kit for training and competitions.

We work with a range of partners which means you can order directly online, and in return the Club receives a commission on all orders placed – it’s a useful fundraiser for us, helping to keep our subs and fees as low as possible for all members!

Hats, wetboards and club water bottles can normally be bought at Club sessions on a Friday and Sunday evening at Prince Regent. If you are in need of a club hat, wet board or club water bottle or have any questions regarding club kit please contact Clare at

Brighton Club Kit

It is expected that all swimmers aged 9+ who compete at external open meets purchase club team kit. The requirement is for a club hat and T-shirt to be worn during all open meets. Club shorts, hoodies and track bottoms or leggings are preferred but not essential. This ensures that the whole team look smart. Club kit must always be worn when traveling to and from competitions with the Club as a team.

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