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I am sad to report the death of Phil Divall.

He was 73.

For many years Phil was the Brighton SC water polo goalkeeper, sharing goal minding duties with Michael ’Snowy’ Walder and Keith Marlton.
Never the fastest swimmer, Phil very soon gravitated towards the one position in the sport of polo not requiring very much swimming speed.
He more than made up for this with his skill at reading the movement of play and saving a good percentage of shots on his goal.
Early in his years of club membership saw him joining his team mates in the then prevalent surfing culture on the club beach.
His skill at surfing was passed on to the two children Ben and Joanne he had with his wife Sandy.
Phil worked for BT all his life and was highly regarded for his technical skills.  Seemingly ever-present at training sessions and matches, he could always be relied upon when selecting teams.
In his late 40s Phil suffered a very serious stroke which limited him to using a wheelchair and much of his other abilities.
He was able to continue a restricted form of swimming in a special group.
Sandy and the children were stoic in their care for him for the remainder of his life.
I have very fond memories of Phil, who was genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.  I can remember taking great delight in travelling to away matches in his car simply for the opportunity to enjoy his sense of fun.
The fact that he was an extremely good driver was an added bonus.
We shall miss him.
Jasper Stevens
*the photograph would be from the 1970s when we won the Hastings Observer trophy at the Hastings Seagull SC Water Polo Tournament.

Included in the photo: on the left side second row from top – John Ottaway, our club chairman for many years.  Immediately in front of him Bill Warner, who went on to play for Great Britain.

Top row
Geoff Wooldridge Snowy Walder Ray Herridge
Next row standing
John Ottaway Julian Chalcraft
Next row Seated
Billy Warner Alan Walder
Bottom row
Phil Dival Dave Foster Dave Redman

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