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Sussex County Junior Synchro Competition

A very successful afternoon for Brighton Swimming Club Synchro Team & Head Coach Hayley at the first Sussex County Junior Synchro Competition to be held in over twenty years.
Well done to our swimmers who performed to a high standard, winning medals across both categories - Figures and Routines.
Thank you to Liz Fitzsimons, Sussex Synchro Manager for organising the competition, Kerrin Cruttenden, Sussex County President and to all the judges, helpers and coaches who gave up their time.

Budding commentator flourishes in Swim England volunteer role

One of our polo members had the opportunity to commentate at Swim England Water Polo National Age Group Championships.
Read the full story here

Winter Sea Race

Date: Saturday 23rd March.
Course: 50 metres (handicap).

Hilary O’Connor and John Kent.
Special mention for two young pool swimmers taking part: Lundy Makenzie and Annabel Kent.

200 Club

Mile Sea Race

200 Club

Fiona Mildner Channel Swim

Congratulations to Fiona Mildner who has successfully swum the channel on her first attempt in 11 hrs 15 mins.

We asked Fiona for a few words about her swim:

I started my swimming 'career' as a pool swimmer at the age of 5 and so swimming the channel was always something that was always in my sub-conscious, but it took a bit of a journey to get there!
As a pool swimmer, I was not a natural sprinter (I still don't own any fast twitch fibres!), but found that my real talent was being able to produce consistency on my times over a large number of reps (I could be within a second of my times over 5 x 400's).
It wasn't until I started sea swimming some twenty odd years later, that I found how to put this talent to some effective use.
Training for the channel is a hard process, but gradually 7 hours of training became a feasible feat on a Saturday morning, and the ability to hold my pace managed to serve me well on the actual day. All those years of ploughing up and down the pool meant the muscle memory was still there when the going got tough!
I completed my channel swim recently in 11 hours and 15 minutes and encountered jelly fish stings, being bitten by a sucker fish and the legendary French tides.
Was it hard? Ridiculously so, but I've learnt more about myself in this process, than in anything else I have ever done and met the most amazing people along the way.
Anyone who might have the same dreams – I would highly recommend it!

200 Club

Pier to Pier 2018

Half Mile Sea Race - 23.06.18

Sea Race result: Half Mile Sea Race. Saturday 23rd June. Sea temperature 18.2C
1st Matthew Hind 12 mins 59.30 secs
2nd Oliver Thornton 13.09.94
3rd Jack Spowage 13.34.55
4th Laurie Seymour 14.36.02
5th Steve Foy 21.34.41
John Reid DNF
Guest swimmer Gordon Joyes 18.05.37

1st Hannah Poulter 13.20.44
2nd Maisie Thornton 13.31.94
3rd Jill Rocky 15.45.95
4th Zoe Joyes 17.17.37
5th Molly Stenning 17.54.72
6th Annabel Kent 17.56.62
7th Hannah Denton 18.27.08
8th Yvonne Luna 23.47.41
9th Yoko Reid 23.47.41
Teresa Walker DNF

200 Club

Crawley Summer Splash

Results for the Crawley Summer Splash Meet can be found Here.

Annual Report 2018

The 2018 Annual Report is now available on the Committee page

Quarter Mile Sea Race - 09.06.18

Sea Race result: Quarter Mile (handicap) Saturday 9th June
1. Matthew Hind 7 mins 18 secs
2. Oliver Thornton 7.24
3. Laurie Seymour 8.07
4. Ben Sellar 9.09
5. John Card 10.07
6. Robin O’Brien 10.40
7. John Kent 10.48

1. Hannah Poulter 7.27
2. Jemima Venturi 7.39
3. Maisie Thornton 8.03
4. Debbie Williams 9.41
5. Annabel Kent 10.01
6. Fiona England 10.02
7. Marie Edwards 10.15
8. Liahna St Louis 10.25
9. Vicky Johnson 11.22
10. Yoko Reid 11.28

Denmark Trip - 04-06.05.18